A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers.

Apps are usually available through application distribution platform,which began appearing in 2008 and are typically operated by the owner of the mobile operating system, such as the Apple App Store,Google Play,Windows Phone Store,and BlackBerry App World. Some apps are free,while others must be bought.Usually,they are downloaded from the platform to a target device, but sometimes they can be downloaded to laptops or desktop computers.For apps with a price, generally a percentage, 20-30%, goes to the distribution provider (such as iTunes), and the rest goes to the producer of the app.The same app can therefore cost the average Smartphone user a different price depending on whether they use iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry 10 devices.Mobile apps were originally offered for general productivity and information retrieval,including email,calendar,contacts,stock market and weatherinformation.However,public demand and the availability of developer tools drove rapid expansion into other categories,such as those handled by desktopapplication software packages.As with other software,the explosion in number and variety of apps made discovery a challenge,which in turn led to thecreation of a wide range of review,recommendation,and curation sources,including blogs,magazines,and dedicated online app-discovery services.In 2014 government regulatory agencies began trying to regulate and curate apps,particularly medical apps.

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Mobile Application

Now-a-days, mobile users are more likely to be daily active users than desktop users. Mobile Development in today's world is a critical aspect of business growth and you don't have to take our word for it. We Incitaa e-Zone, give you the best possible solutions to turn your ideas into existence with excellent user interface that will help your app to reach the level of success in the aggressive rim. With more than 3 Years of experience, Incitaa e-Zone has been going to reach the top position in top mobile app development companies in Bangladesh and proved ourselves as a reliable company. This achievement is because of our enthusiastic and dedicated team of developers and designers.

Some Extra Facilities Which You Will Get From Incitaa e-Zone..!!!

  • Our developers will give you the technical options to fit the mobile application according to your requirment.
  • Mobile solutions for different platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone.
  • Your apps design always have a professional look.
  • High security provided for your company.
  • Technical expertise that will make your application to work effectively with your customer base.

iPhone Application

The iPhone Apps can Store has more than 1 million apps. You should make sure that your apps is designed by the right people. We, at Incitaa e-Zone, are the right people with more than 3years of iPhone application development experience. Developing an apps requires more than just the latest technology and a handful of experts.


iPad Application

With iPad application development service, we understand the potential needs of customers as well as of our clients for this platform and develop extremely effective and attractive applications for iPad. At Incitaa e-Zone, our experts has left no stone unturned in the pursuit of providing the perfect apps for iPads.


Android Application

Google play store reached the 1.3 million apps milestone by the end of July, 2014. These android apps have been downloaded over 50 billion times so far. Android apps are the latest hot thing in the current market and Incitaa e-Zone provides android application development services that render to take advangtage of easy to use application with greater functionality.